Kau D'varza - Chapter 2 - Written by David Noë

Chapter #2

Even in the vastness of space, trouble finds a way…

When Elise Rivera arrived on Kau D’varza, a distant station near an anomaly known as the Void Cloud, she’d hoped to escape the troubles of her homeworld. Now, the appearance of a mysterious freighter places her new home under threat; a threat that Elise - along with station commissioner Gierre Nevos, his aide Specialist Kaska Stone, and a team led by Commander-Captain Joseph Raffa - must race against time to avert. 

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For more information and samples from the ChaosNova Universe, check out http://chaosnova.co.uk/ 

Read by: Addilyn Greene ( https://anchor.fm/addilyn-greene/ )
From David: 

Karl Relf is the editor behind Kau D'varza - https://karlrelf.wordpress.com/ 

You can also check out my other books, one of which I co-wrote with Ze Editor, currently at the helm of our Twitter feed -https://twitter.com/KaosNovaWriting 

That book is called Seeker, and is available @ https://books2read.com/u/3yZzE6 

The cover art was done by CreativeGerman on Fiverr @ https://www.fiverr.com/germancreative 

I also wrote a collection of Post-Apocalyptic short stories set in the UK:


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